SnapLok™ Installation

Objective: Anti-rotation and position stabilizing to
ensure the Quick Coupling Valve stays in place.  




1.    Place Snap Ring around the quick coupler valve body and thread
       the quick coupler valve onto the brass threaded nipple of the stabilizer elbow. 



2.    Place the 2 halves of Snap Lok Assembly around the quick coupler valve insuring
       hex pattern is aligned with the base of the quick coupler valve and the horizontal
       cylinder facing away from the Stabilizer Elbow.



3.    Slide snap ring down onto SnapLok assembly until it “snaps” into place.


4.    Vertically stabilize with rebar placed through the side lugs.


5.    Horizontally stabilize by sliding a section of 1” PVC pipe (Approx. 1 ft)
       through the horizontal cylinder. DO NOT CEMENT PIPE TO HORIZONTAL
       CYLINDER to allow for future quick coupler valve removal if necessary.