Pressure Rating Of PVC & CPVC Plastic Piping For Water At Elevated Temperatures

The factors given in the attached table are suggested for use in determining the pressure ratings for water and PVC or CPVC plastic piping at temperatures above the standard temperature, 73.4°F (23°C). These factors are based on the assumption that the piping system as well as the medium, and the atmosphere around the system are at the same temperature and capable of operating continuously at the rated pressure. It is well known that these conditions seldom exist which makes the suggested factors conservative.

These factors are only suggestions to be used when actual test data are not available. Further consideration should be given to the type and quality of the joints in the system. These suggested factors are not intended to replace actual test results.

These factors were developed after careful analysis of all the test data, manufacturers' recommendations and experience available. It is recommended that all PVC pressure pipe to which these service factors are applied meet fully the requirements of current ASTM, Product Standards, Canadian Standards and standards of similar high quality.


Pressure Rating Factor of 
PVC and CPVC Systems
Material (Note 2) 

 ºC (Note 1)
































































Note 1 - Conversions to the Celsius scale are rounded-off to the nearest whole degree.

Note 2 - To be multiplied with the water pressure ratings for specific types and sizes of PVC pipe. The information contained in this document is provided as a preliminary guide. Interpretation use and application is the responsibility of the user. The data contained herein is taken from a variety of sources and publications, due to the volume and complexity of such data, Westlake Pipe & Fittings cannot guarantee its validity.