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We have updated VPS-25 and VPSC-6.  The changes involve new products, some description updates, and a few discontinued products.  
The only List Price changes are for select 3” Slo-Close Ball Valves, found on VPSC-6. 
The 9-1-16 updates are now available on the website in PDF and Excel format.   (The content of VPSC-6 is included in the List Price Excel for VPS-25). 
These can be found under our pricing tab. 


Here is a rundown of the updates:

Changes in the 9/1/16 update of VPS-25:

  1. All  Industrial Series PVC and CPVC  TUBV (page 4) and Super C Valves (page 7) are now certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372.
  2. NEW  Industrial TUBV PVC with Silicone o-rings for use with Sodium Permanganate in wastewater treatment systems.  Sold in ½ - 1” sizes for dosing systems.   Page 4
  3. O-ring Kits for 131W SUBV, and 801 TUBV, page 7
  4. NEW 411SV Butterfly Shut-off Valves for Surge Tanks (Commercial Swimming Pool/Water Park)  8 – 12”,  page 13.
  • Surge tanks are used on gutter pools and commercial water features as a storage space for water displaced by swimmers. Water entering the gutters can flow to the surge tank through a gravity pipe. An automated float valve enables water to then be pumped from the surge tank back into the pool to replace the swimmers' volume after they have left the pool.
  • The 411SV Shut off valve is installed on the gravity (drain) pipe.  It is submersible, and operates normally in the open position.  If maintenance calls for the surge tank to be drained, the operator will first close this shut-off valve, so the at the water in the pool does not drain.   The shut-off valve is often positioned deep and must be operated with an expensive stem extension and a gear operator or other actuation device.  The 411SV offers a simple, cost-effective alternative, because it can be opened and closed with a standard 2” valve key.  (V417681 valve key kit sold separately).    It is not meant to be throttled like a standard butterfly valve.  It is only meant to be used in the full-open or full-closed position, at low pressure.
  1. BFV Contractor Kits are now available in 2-1/2” Size, page 15
  2. NEW Wafer Check Valves – sold separately and in Contractor Kits with Flanges and bolt set, page 16
  • A wafer check has a very small length, is lightweight, and mounts directly between two flanges, so it takes up less space in a system.  It is easily serviceable.  They are used in commercial pool / aquatic markets, as well as industrial process piping, water treatment, etc.    A wafer check has a reduced port, so there is some restriction of flow.  Designers take this into account when they specify them.  That is why we publish the Cv rating in the submittal.
  1. The following Sch 40 TxT Ball Valves have been discontinued:  V14561N, V27561N, V30561N, V40561N
  2. On the Slo-Close Valve Sheet VPSC-6  (9-1-16 update)
  • We raised the List Price on select 3” SCVs.   (PVC end true union type only)
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