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NEW! Pacific Northwest LASCO Fittings, Inc Distribution Center - Dupont, WA

October 4, 2019

Dear Valued Customer:
We are pleased to announce that our new Pacific Northwest distribution center will be opening in
Dupont, WA on November 1, 2019. We will start shipping to customers on November 4th and have all
customer orders migrated to ship from Dupont by November 20th. The new warehouse will provide
shorter delivery times and available will call pickup in the Pacific Northwest. Customers will have access
to LASCO Fittings, along with Colonial valves and newly launched ABS. This distribution center will be
managed by Jerry Gadd and is located at 2665 Williamson Place, Ste 132, Dupont, WA 98327.

Order placement and contact information:
Fax: 731‐779‐9599
Phone: 800‐776‐2756, select option #3 for Customer Service

We are excited that this move will enable us to improve our service and fill rates to our Pacific
Northwest customers.

Please contact any of our staff listed below for any questions:
Bryan Jackman, Vice President of Sales – 714‐673‐5875
Adam Roybal, National Sales Manager, Plumbing & Industrial – 682‐270‐6241
Mark Mullikin, Western Regional Manager, Irrigation & Pool/Spa – 760‐317‐6938
Hannah Kirby, Customer Service/Sales Manager‐ 731‐779‐1829
Jackie Coburn, Inside Sales Supervisor/Customer Service – 731‐779‐1830

Bryan Jackman
Vice President of Sales
LASCO Fittings, Inc.

Posted by Carrie Yearwood at 11:08 AM