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LASCO Fittings, Inc. has revised the price sheet for Slo-Close Ball Valves. The pdf has been updated on our website under pricing. There are no changes to pricing.  We have eliminated the choices of PVC/FKM, CPVC/EPDM, and CPVC/FKM for SCVs.  Those options have been in the price sheet from inception, only with the intent to market SCVs to the industrial chemical process piping sector.    

However, PVC/EPDM is suitable for all forms of irrigation, and 99.99% of sales from inception have been PVC/EPDM.  The additional material choices just created confusion among the customers.   Going forward, SCVs are available only in PVC/EPDM.   

The only CPVC content remaining on the price sheet is the CPVC union nut for 2” SCVs, but the valves themselves are still considered PVC/EPDM. 

LASCO Fittings, Inc. 

Posted by Carrie Yearwood at 2:37 PM