2020 Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year

(Photo L-R: Jonathan Murray, President & CEO presents awards to Rick Williamson, Mike Kelly and Derek Chapman)


Derek Chapman (Hourly Employee of the Year) – During the 2020-year Derek Chapman has grown into this role as Cell Leader and has truly set himself apart.  His motivation and pride in the company are prevalent not just within the walls of LASCO but also within the community. His focus on training and development as well as holding people accountable for their actions has created a team that has safety, quality and productivity as their top priorities. 


Rick Williamson (Salary Employee of the Year) – In the course of 2020, Rick was assigned as the Interim Manager of Technical Services. Rick’s contributions span outside of the walls of LASCO.  Rick has provided innovative training to customers and sales teams on the use and installation of our products amid a time where travel was restricted.  This meant Rick had to adapt to new practices to ensure that our customers received the same level of service that they have become accustomed to working with LASCO. He and his team were also challenged with developing new testing methods and protocols for various projects. 


Mike Kelly (Salary Employee of the Year) – Throughout the 2020-year Mike Kelly has worn many hats.  His position of Continuous Improvement Leader required him to interact with numerous departments throughout the company.  However, during 2020 he had to do something that was not only beneficial to his own development but also to the identification of areas of improvement for the company.  In mid-2020, Mike was asked to fill in as a Supervisor in the Manufacturing Department.  In the meantime, he was not only able to prove his ability as a leader but also as a business partner.  He has identified improvements with reporting as well as how we do business.  He is also an integral member of the Operational Leadership Team and continues to drive the business forward.


LASCO would like to thank each of you for your dedication and commitment to the company. Congratulations on the well-deserved title of "Employee of the Year", you earned it!