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H x H x SP

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2 x 1½ x 1½”L

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D404241D404-2412 x 1½ x 1½5007/B7$21.182001200242552822346510025528223462
D404242D404-2422 x 1½ x 25007/B7$19.182001000202552822344110025528223448
D404251D404-2512 x 2 x 1½5007/B7$22.952001000202552822342710025528223424
D404337D404-3373 x 3 x 1½1007/B7$49.9680480482552822352610025528223523
D404338D404-3383 x 3 x 22007/B7$42.89120480242552822350210025528223509
D404420D404-4204 x 4 x 2507/B7$81.4740240482552822356410025528223561
  • ASTM D-2665 - Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Drain, Waste, and Vent Pipe and Fittings.
  • ASTM D-1784 - Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Compounds and Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) Compounds.
  • ASTM D-3311 - Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Plastic Fittings Patterns
  • MATERIAL - LASCO DWV Fittings are produced from PVC Type I, Cell Classification 12454-B. PVC Fittings are listed by NSF. Product is certified to the Uniform Plumbing Code.
  • Do not use LASCO fittings for compressed air or gases.
  • Do not test PVC piping systems with compressed air or gases.
  • Do not use fittings with liquids not recommended by LASCO
  • Fitting modification voids the warranty.